• Inyange youth and sustainable development

    Sensitizing and mobilizing the Inyange youth to sustainable development issues, more specifically to food security. Through workshops and such themes as solidarity farms and fair trade, we hope to be able to inspire our youths to make informed and conscientious consumption decisions and by that, promote sustainable development.

  • Equal opportunities

    Promoting equal opportunity and diversity is part and parcel of Inyange’s activities. Inyange realizes tangible projects in order to sensitize the masses to various aspects of this theme, namely through Ballet INYANGE’s yearly show. The show addresses a different topic every year.

    • « The Sister, the Brother and the Beast » : intergenerational respect (2013)
    • « Mwidishyi, King of the Youths » : generational conflict (2012)
    • « The Legend of Ndabaga » : gender equality (2011)
    • « Ndabaga the Heroïne » : gender equality (2010)
    • « Bene Nkuba (2009) »: xenophobia, racism
    • « Miseke na Nkuba » : racism (2008)
    • Chances aux talents : equal opportunity (2007)
  • SOS Réfugiés

    This platform which was created in 2014, comprises several members of the Rwandan civil society in Belgium and was founded to help Rwandan refugees in Africa. These men, women and children who are scattered in different camps and have been stripped of their refugee status (cessation clause since 2013). Today, they face security and survival problems. Inyange ASBL, which was born in similar circumstances, wishes to provide material as well as moral support to the refugees.

  • Kinyarwanda classes

    Rwandan History and Language : INYANGE Twige !

    Quite a few Rwanda-born Belgians experience difficulties coping with their double cultural identity, due to the fact that they are cut off from their roots and hence lack cultural references. Inyange ASBL wishes to study Rwandan identity through language and history in an effort to enable young Rwandan-Belgians to tap into their Rwandan and Belgian heritage and thrive on it. We teach Kinyarwanda classes to that effect every Sunday afternoon, throughout the school year,

  • Intergenerational projects

    Inyange ASBL has been organizing and taking part to intergenerational projects in Brussels for the past 20 years. We partner with cultural centers, youth centres, asylum seekers centers, seniors centers and other organizations from the 19 Brussels communes.