Traditional Rwandan dance and music group based in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

Ballet INYANGE is an amateur Traditional Rwandan Dance and Music troupe based in Brussels. It was created in 1994 and has grown into a true melting pot where different generations of dancers, singers and musicians perform together. Each Ballet INYANGE performance is a journey through Rwandan cultural heritage. Ballet INYANGE is also a place of self-expression for its members by means of dance, song, musical instruments, poetry and aesthetics.

From the tender age of 6 up to the rather advanced one of 106, the young and the eldery come together in Ballet INYANGE with a double objective in mind : bringing Rwandan culture to the world and fulfilling one’s potential within an amateur ensemble that encourages discipline, rigor and respect for all. « High quality » and « fun » are the adjectives that have been used the most to describe Ballet INYANGE’s performances ever since the dance troupe started attracting an increasingly faithful audience back in 1994. With and open mind, we push our own limits every year through collaborations and partnerships that enable us to embrace other cultures and fully explore the magic of music.

Ballet INYANGE performs on several occasions every year. The main show in the year routinely attracts over a thousand people from all over Europe who come to immerse themselves in a well-orchestrated perfect storm of breathtaking choreographies and melodious songs. Over the years, we have adapted and developed skills for street performance. Such performances happen in the closest proximity with the audience, which offers a unique experience for any performing artist. We have performed in numerous open-air festivals.

Thanks to that variety of performances, Ballet INYANGE enjoys today a solid reputation for professionalism, which is recognized by both the public at large and events organisers.

We take pride in our punctuality and respect of the terms agreed upon with the event organizer. The creativity and dedication of our dancers enable us to guarantee a high-quality show, whether we perform indoors or outdoors. Ballet INYANGE will also readily answer your call for your private events : wedding, birthday, etc.

It is our ambition to take you on a journey deep into African rythms.

Ready to learn traditional Rwandan dance and song?

Join Ballet INYANGE's Sunday rehearsals. We dance barefoot. You'll need a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, plus a Kitenge wrap for the ladies. Ballet INYANGE rehearsals are also a great opportunity to immerse oneself in the Rwandan language. We accept everyone in the age group of 6 to 106! Join us


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