• About us

    The not-for-profit organization Inyange was created in 1994 in Brussels by a group of Belgian and Rwandan friends, with the objective of promoting cultural exchange and supporting education in the broad sense. We want to help Rwandan immigrants in Belgium live their double cultural heritage to the fullest. We also try to inform Belgians from all cultural communities about culture and current social reality in Rwanda. We organize cultural exchange events all over Belgium with that aim in mind.

    We also support humanitarian and international solidarity actions in collaboration with NGOs.

    Inyange stays active thanks to efforts from our members and friends who provide help for free. Inyange has earned recognition from both French and Flemish-speaking communities in Belgium.

  • Inyange is Kinyarwanda for Cattle Egret, a white-feathered bird from the African Great Lakes which is often to be seen perched on the back of big mammals, using that vantage point to scrutinize the horizon.

    In the same way we, children of Rwandan immigrants in Europe, use our Rwandan cultural heritage as a solid platform from which we can take a better look at the other cultures surrounding us.